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Brief summary

City Flood is a partnership between four councils in Yorkshire and the North East (East Riding, Gateshead, Hull and Newcastle) and the Environment Agency. The project aims to look at the way SWMPs and the modelling methods required to produce them are developed. The project also aims to identify best practice and efficiencies that can be shared across Yorkshire, the North East and the rest of the England and Wales.

The four Councils cover very different areas ranging from flat, primarily rural areas with slow but extensive flood dynamics to hilly very urban areas with steep slopes and fast flood flows.  Despite these apparently large differences, the seven common points learnt from the case studies which are outlined below. If project partners are aware of these lesson and commit to solving issues, this will result in significant cost savings in most situations. All the points are simple and straightforward but will need high level management commitment to put them in place.

  1. Sharing knowledge between councils.
  2. Building committed and effective project groups
  3. Stakeholder involvement
  4. Ensure known areas of risk are prioritised for implementation
  5. Cost effective modelling strategies
  6. Ensure all plans fit together
  7. Data sharing


More information on each of these lessons is included in the CityFlood Phase 2 feedback report.

Start date

March 2008

Finish date

March 2011

Organisations involved

Newcastle City Council, Gateshead Borough Council, Hull City Council, East Riding of Yorkshire Council, Yorkshire Water, Northumbrian Water and Environment Agency


John Cross, Peter Kerr