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What is LANDFoRM?
Why does LANDFoRM exist?
What is LANDFoRM's Reach?
How can I sponsor or be involved in an event?

What is LANDFoRM?
A newly formed network with the aim of increasing knowledge and communication of good practice methods between local planning authorities on flood risk management and sustainable drainage issues.

Why does LANDFoRM exist?
LANDFoRM exists because need was identified for a portal for dissemination and communication among local planning authorities to promote new policies and regulations including Making Space for Water and PPS25.

What is LANDFoRM’s reach?
The LANDFoRM has only recently been set up but is intending to reach out to all Local Planning Authorities within the United Kingdom.

How can I sponsor or be involved in an event?
LANDFoRM offers a wide variety of opportunities to sponsor and/or participate in its events. Contact our marketing department for further information.
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CIRIA Privacy Statement

CIRIA aims to improve the performance of all concerned with construction and the environment. To enable us to achieve this, we hold information about our customers and the products and services in which they have expressed interest. This information is used to keep our customers updated on new developments in the industry and from time to time to obtain feedback on CIRIA’s activities. All data is treated in confidence and is only disclosed to organisations with similar aims, or where we are required to or permitted to by law. If you do not wish to continue to receive information from us, or if you have any questions or concerns about the information we hold about you, you can email us at enquiries@ciria.org.






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