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DIY guide to green and living roofs

John Little of The Grassroof Company and Dusty Gedge of Livingroofs have worked together to deliver a practical guide to creating small scale green roofs in response to numerous emails and phone calls about how the average person can create a green roof.

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Green roofs - Basic principles and design - training course

Currently in the UK many organisations are championing sustainable buildings. The need to embrace sustainability, biodiversity and adaptation to climate change within buildings is increasingly filtering down to clients and practitioners. The implementation of green roofs can significantly contribute to sustainability in the built environment through realising benefits in the areas of biodiversity, sustainable drainage and thermal performance.

Although green roof technology is mainstream in most of Europe, there is currently little understanding or expertise in the UK. It is important that professionals within the built environment sector develop an understanding of the technology to ensure that implementation of such systems at a local and regional level deliver long term sustainable solutions.

Planners, designers and engineers require access to information and past experience to improve knowledge and build self confidence on the implementation of innovative, imaginative and cost effective green roof solutions.

These sessions have been developed in partnership between CIRIA, the Green Roof consultancy and who are working together to deliver Building Greener, guidance on the implementation of green roofs, green walls and other biodiversity features. The training will enable delegates to efficiently plan, design and manage green roofs in accordance with best practice guidance and the relevant regulatory framework.

Visit the CIRIA website (training section) For further details and to register for training courses.